Top 6 Tips to Help Your Curly Haired Girl Look and Feel Her Best Every Day

Top 6 Tips to Help Your Curly Haired Girl Look and Feel Her Best Every Day

Top 6 Tips to Help Your Curly Haired Girl Look and Feel Her Best Every Day

We all want our girls to put their best face forward, which means looking good and feeling good physically, but also feeling good about herself—having confidence and projecting that confidence to others! Here are our six tips to help her look and feel her best every day.

You have a Natural Hair Beauty, and here are a few tips to help her look her best:

  1. Spend a few minutes before bed helping her select her outfit for the next day, which will help everyone have a less stressful morning!
  2. Protect her natural hair at night by twisting or braiding her hair before bed or having her wear a loose ponytail or bun at the top of her head, and then wearing a satin bonnet to bed.
  3. Remind her to shower often enough to keep body odor at bay.
  4. Have her brush her teeth twice a day—not only will this help her keep a bright, healthy smile and fresh breath, but she’ll feel better, too!
  5. Letting her try a little blush on her cheeks or a bit of lip gloss will help her feel extra pretty.
  6. And lastly, remind her to put on her best smile!

Tips for helping her feel her best

You can help your Natural Hair Beauty feel her best by showing her how to choose healthy snacks, like apples with peanut butter or almond butter, carrot sticks dipped in hummus, or trail mix made with dried fruits, nuts or seeds, and bits of dark chocolate. Encourage her to add in a little exercise each day, which could include after-school sports, going to the park with a friend, riding her bike or scooter (and remembering to always wear her helmet!), or taking her to the pool or roller skating. You can also enjoy a dance party with her or suggest she plays ball with her dog or offers to walk a neighbor’s dog. Together you can think of lots of fun ways that she can sneak in a little extra physical activity each day!

Ways to help her feel confident

Even if your Natural Hair Beauty is shy, help her remember that she is unique and has her own set of talents and skills. Maybe she’s funny or smart, or talented at art or sports or music. Remind her to just be brave and be herself! She can stand out and express herself with unique shirts, hoodies, bonnets, bags, and accessories from Riley’s Way—a great way to celebrate her natural hair and her uniqueness!

Did you enjoy our six tips for helping her look and feel her best? Leave a comment with your own tips or call us at 313-364-9409 to learn more about our mission to empower young black girls and their curly hair!

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