The Best Way to Detangle Her Hair

The Best Way to Detangle Her Hair

Helping your natural hair beauty detangle her hair can prevent breakage and will help her put her best face forward. Here are some great tips for detangling her naturally beautiful hair. Keep in mind that the process of detangling her natural hair can take a long time, so it might be a good idea to put on her favorite TV show or have her read a book while she lets you work your magic! And remember, you can always take a break and come back to it later if she becomes fatigued or is having trouble sitting still.

The following steps can help prevent tangles and breakage:


  1. Detangle before washing. It's a good idea to detangle her hair before washing, otherwise the knots and tangles will become worse during the washing process. 


  1. Start with wet hair. It’s easier to detangle curly hair when it’s wet, so start by wetting down her hair using a spray bottle filled with cool water or wet her hair in the sink or shower. 


  1. Use a detangler. Apply some detangler (like hair detangling spray) or moisturizing conditioner to her hair, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. Good detangling products include shea butter, Moroccan argan oil, coconut oil, or olive oil in their ingredients.


  1. Use your fingers. To make your natural hair beauty’s hair easier to detangle, use your fingers to part the hair into sections and secure each section. Taking your time, start by using your fingers to detangle her hair, and then use a large-tooth detangling comb to start combing the ends of the hair and working your way up. You can then gently follow up with a small-tooth comb on only the ends if you’d like. Remember to do this carefully in order to avoid breakage.


  1. Use a hair bonnet at bedtime. Wrap her hair in a satin bonnet before bedtime, like the adorable My Curls Be Popping satin kids bonnet from Riley’s Way. 

 Following these simple steps to detangle her naturally beautiful hair will help her shine like the natural hair beauty she is! For more information about helping your little girl with her natural curls or to shop our online store for T-shirts, mugs, bags, pillows, and more, visit Riley’s Way today!

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