The Benefits of Loving Oneself

The Benefits of Loving Oneself

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is a couple of days away. Some people scramble to find dates, most couples look for romantic places to make the day memorable and special, and others give gifts to make their loved ones feel special. 

Despite all those efforts to make Valentine’s Day a memorable day, one can’t deny the fact that the best and most fulfilling love anyone can ever receive is the love she gives to herself. 

Loving oneself is an important journey that everyone must take to be happier in life. When she loves herself, she is able to show more genuine love to other people without having to wait for them to reciprocate, because she understands that she has abundant love for herself that she is willing to share to other people. 

More than anything else, she doesn’t need other people to be happy. She is content with herself, how her life is going, and where it is headed. She also wants to do what makes her feel right and happy without feeling guilty because whatever she wants to do, she knows it’s for her own self making it a priority. 

Although developing self-love takes time, she must practice it daily so that she will be able to feel its benefits namely:

  1. Life satisfaction
  • Loving herself creates a mindset of accepting herself. She is willing to undergo the process of life, and recognize everything that surrounds her. She becomes self-aware of the love, happiness, passion, sadness, even struggles that surround her. She is able to grasp the power she holds over her life and the decisions she makes which gives her satisfaction simply because she holds herself accountable to her decisions.
      2. Healthy lifestyle
  • When she loves herself, she always wants to make sure that she gives everything that her physical body needs: sleep, food, water, and exercise. When she does these things, she’s able to achieve peace of mind, thereby developing good mental and physical health. 

      3. Can deal with challenges

  • She understands that being in difficult situations is part of life. And the only way to overcome the difficulties is to take each problem one step at a time. She doesn’t pressure yourself to turn the bad situations into something good right away because she understands that there are things that will fall at the right place at the right time. All the while knowing that there are no mountains high enough, and she can solve whatever problems she encounters. 


She can start loving herself by encouraging, empowering, and seeing herself become the best version. She can find and own things that would make her feel empowered everyday. All it takes is one simple continuous reminder that she can be herself and more.

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