The Activities That Would Make Your Natural Hair Beauties Love Herself More

The Activities That Would Make Your Natural Hair Beauties Love Herself More

While the love month, February, is ending, it should not be a reason for our Natural Hair Beauties to stop loving themselves. Empowering and promoting her self-esteem, and self-love should be done all the time - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 


Here are some activities that would make your Natural Hair Beauties love herself all-year round. 


1. Teach her new things

Teaching her new things and letting her practice new skills allow her to develop a sense of confidence and increased self-worth. It makes her realize that you trust her enough to do new things as simple as baking cookies together, or letting her engage into sports. It also encourages her that she can do those things and more. Furthermore, according to research, engaging in new activities allow girls to discover positive new things about themselves and the world around them.

2. Talk about her feelings

Fostering your relationship with your girl starts by opening up and talking about her feelings. As the bigger person, you should keep an open mind and be ready to provide any support or encouragement that she might need. You must be prepared to talk about anything she talks about through simply having an open-mind and putting your shoes in hers. It is also important to identify anything that might contribute to a negative self-image like putting others down, bullying, and/or negative self-judgement and turn these negativities to something positive.

3. Provide her with basic needs

Part of her self-esteem building and love to herself includes addressing some of their basic needs like providing her with food, clothing, a safe place, money, hygiene products, and things are deemed necessary. It is said that being able to provide these needs had a direct positive correlation to girls’ thoughts and feelings about themselves. It means if she has access to her basic needs, then she would think that she’s worth it and clearly not abandoned. Thereby, making herself feel better. When these basic needs are provided to her, she will have to think of more ways to better herself. 

4. Cultural Pride

Lastly, self-love should start by letting her understand her roots and culture. Giving your Natural Hair Beauties encouragement and a strong sense of ethnic identity improves her self-esteem. It is important to tell her stories of relevant people who fought and keep fighting for freedom and equality. It gives them a sense of self-importance and love, and empowers them to do what others have been doing - give back to the community, and stand up for others. 

More importantly, inspire her to become who she wants to be through constantly showing her things that can make her realize that she can do more than what she is doing. These things could be as simple as T-shirts, mugs, or a brand that promotes self-love, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.
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