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Riley’s Way Pays Respect To Those Who Have Served

a salute to veterans

This year, 2020 has been the most difficult we have ever experienced mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused tremendous amounts of losses from jobs, local businesses, to people, friends, family, and loved ones. Although we lose differently, we suffer the same way. However, despite today’s many challenges, it shouldn’t be an excuse for us not to pay homage to the heroes who relentlessly fought for us back then and even until now. 

Their unwavering patriotism is out of the question. That’s why we celebrate and honor their love for the country, and their willingness to serve for the common good. As a brand that promotes self-love, self-esteem, and self-acceptance, it is prudent that we pay our all out and heartfelt gratitude to the veterans in any way we can — through showcasing them on our products where young little girls are encouraged to love their natural kinky, curls, we make sure that our veterans are remembered for being the best at what they do, and encourage young girls that as Natural Hair Beauties they could be the future veterans, too!
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