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Little Black Girls’ Hairstyles

Adorable natural haired girl, head in handsThere is not a need for chemicals on African American girls’ hair to have a beautiful hairstyle. Simple styles with little maintenance are the best to avoid excessive manipulation, which tend to cause breakage.


Braiding is a well-liked hairstyle for African American girls. Braids provide limitless styles that can last for up to a month with care. Be cautious when twisting or braiding the hair because tight braids may cause pain or scalp damage. They should be washed and conditioned no less than twice a month to reduce scalp damage. They should not be left in the hair for more than two months as it may cause severe breakage as the hair begins to lock up and coil. Light oil can be used to moisturize the braids daily. Avoid using hair extensions and adult styles that tend to make little girls seem older than they are when they should be welcoming their natural beauty and childhood.


A puff is a hairstyle in which a section or all the hair is pulled away from the face, arranged and secured with an ouch-less band. Multiple puffs are ideal for small children, who may adore colorful hair bows and ribbons. Traditional ponytails can be enhanced with braids with eccentric hair partings. Preteens may prefer a more sophisticated look, such as one puffs secured in the top of their heads.

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