How to Know her Curly Hair Pattern Type

How to Know her Curly Hair Pattern Type

Interested in finding out where she falls in the curly hair type chart? Read our descriptions to find out just where she lands!

Types 2A-2C 

Type 2A

Girls with type 2A hair have mostly straight hair that creases with a short wave at the end. This type of hair often needs minimal styling and maintenance, and slight waves form naturally when air-dried. If she has medium to lower porosity hair, she may deal with a bit more frizz. Investing in hydrating shampoos that add a bit of volume is beneficial.

Type 2B

Girls with type 2B hair usually have beachy waves with light S-curve waves. Frizz and tangling can sometimes be an issue, but this can be combatted with gentle leave-in conditioners to coat the strands and add extra protection.

Type 2C


Girls with type 2C have defined S waves throughout their hair with more body and volume. This hair does not quite form the curly “springs” of more curly-haired girls but is more of a mix between wavy and curly hair. Unfortunately, this type is most prone to frizz in the wavy hair category.


Types 3A-3C

Type 3A

Type 3A curls are loose and spirally with a large diameter. These curls are usually very bouncy and full of life. Type 3A girls are lucky with some of the easiest curls to manage due to their light and easy texture. 

Type 3B

Type 3B curls resemble tighter corkscrews that spring back 1 to 2 inches—some girls with type 3B can fit a pencil through their curls! This hair type is notorious for needing some extra TLC to take care of any breakage and frizz. Styling with a cotton T-shirt and using hair oils is recommended to give shine to these curls.

Type 3C

 These curls are more springy and smaller than the tightly packed 3B curls. This hair type is much coarser and needs to be handled gently due to its variety of textures. Detangling conditioners are recommended.


Types 4A-4C

Type 4A

Type 4A curls are S-shaped corkscrews—a toothpick could fit into the tight, looped rings. These curls are compact and dense and need extra moisturizing to prevent any damage. Hair creams and oils are recommended to keep ringlets plush and hydrated.

Type 4B

Type 4B curls are more zigzag than curly. This curl is tighter, less defined, and can be much more prone to breakage. Girls with Type 4B need extra hydration and moisture to keep their hair protected and detangled.

Type 4C

Girls with type 4C have the tightest of the curl patterns. These curls are tightly coiled with zigzag patterns that are barely visible unless stretched. Extra moisturization is key for these fragile curls that are prone to extra breakage compared to other curl types. 

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