How To Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy In July

How To Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy In July

The summer heat can be brutal to your Natural Hair Beauties’ curls. The heat can dry those curls and damage her beautiful hair from the roots to the tip. But worry not, your girls can still spend their sunny bright days at the beach, pool, even at the park while sporting those shiny natural curls. 


Here are the five easy steps to keep your hair healthy under the sun:


1.     Flaunt them with style
It’s high time for your girls to use the sun to their advantage! Summer is a great time to rock an afro, puffs, or other full styles! When she does, be mindful about how her hair reacts to humidity and take notes so that you can style it in the best way and use the right products according to her needs.


2.    Moisturize them curls
The summer sun and heat can dry her hair out so always make sure her hair is shiny and moisturized so it is as healthy as it can be under the sun. You can use a leave-in conditioner or LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method to keep her hair from drying out.


3.    Shampoo more often
You should shampoo her hair more often than you already do depending on how active she is. Using a sulfate-free shampoo after her outdoor activities that involve sweating a lot is helpful. This keeps her hair from bad elements, cleans the scalp, and helps restore the nutrients her hair needs.


4.    Condition deeply
Deeply conditioning your girls’ hair is the best way to get her hair hydrated and nourished all throughout the summer. Deeply condition the hair at least every two weeks and do it more often if her hair seems to be drying out quickly.


5.    Drink more water
More importantly, drink lots of water and eat healthy food! If her body is dehydrated or malnourished, her hair will be the same, too. Doctors recommend drinking at least 64 oz of water or eight glasses a day to be considered moisturized and healthy.
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