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How to Care for Natural Curly Hair

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Our hair is as important as the parts of our body. However, we often neglect its care. We understand that it’s not easy to maintain the hair, especially if it is curly. But, you are not without an option. We provide you with simple and effective means to show some love to your wonderful crowning glory.

1. Do moisturize

With its twists and turns, natural hair oil cannot run throughout the entire strands. Hence, curly locks tend to be under moisturized in some areas than straight hair.
It will be helpful for the hair to avoid using shampoo every day. Instead, you can apply conditioner to add moisture and oil on it. If you’re not comfortable with the no shampoo routine, choose shampoos that are specially made for curly locks.


2. Do dry naturally

Hot hair tools is a no-no for the wavy or and curly mane. Using hair dryers, straighteners and the likes can frizz up the hair, affecting the beautiful curls of the hair. Also, rubbing hair to expedite the drying process likewise causes frizz.
What you can do is use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel to pat dry the hair. The shirt and microfiber towel is less scratchy, therefore less harsh. Using regular towels and rubbing them dry can again lead to frizzy hair.


3. Do have expert hair stylist 

Our hair, especially the curly ones, needs some TLC. We can be passionate and loving about it, but we don’t have the right expertise to provide the loving it needs.
To ensure that we are taking care of our hair properly, you can go to a local hair stylist who focuses on curly hair. You can have a regular appointment and ask for the best ways to care for your locks.


4. Don’t use a brush

Hair brushes disrupt the natural curls of the hair. The harsh pulling and rubbing lead to breakage and hair falls.
Choose a wide-toothed hair that allows you to manage your curls without ruining the natural structure of your curls. Also, don’t forget to comb gently!


5. Don’t over-wash 

Did we already mention that a curly mane has moisture imbalance? Well, then you should not cause it to be any drier. Thus, don’t over-wash.
When shampooing focuses on cleaning the scalp area instead of the hair strands. In this way, you keep the hair clean and fresh without having to break your lovely locks.
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