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How Can You Prevent Split Ends?


SPLIT ENDS: Causes and Effective Ways To Prevent It

We're all having trouble with our hair because of split ends. Searching for the best ways and treatment to prevent it is what we always do. However, we still get split ends. After getting a trim, our beautiful bouncy, split end–free hair will come to an end despite how much we try to revel in it. In this article, we will tell you about the causes and effective ways to prevent it.

What Precisely Are Split Ends?

Damaged hair can result in split ends where the tips of your Natural Hair Beauty’s hair shaft begin to split and fray. One hair shaft can have split in more than one place. You can tell if she has them by checking the hair. Just bend one strand over your finger and check to see if the shaft is ragged.

What Are The Different Factors Causes Split Ends?

While split ends can develop rapidly due to extreme damage, they usually develop slowly as a result of various factors. Below are the different factors resulting in her hair with split ends. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Over-styling your hair
  • Not going in for frequent trims
  • Sleeping with wet hair
  • Using harsh chemicals treatments
  •  Permanents, dyes, and relaxers
  • Use of heated tools
  • Environmental Conditions

Effective Ways To Prevent Split Ends.

To prevent split ends, you have to form a healthy relationship with her hair through daily habits. Here are effective ways to avoid split ends and get back her hair:


1. Regular Trims. Maintain her hair with regular haircuts, at least twice a year. Even if you are trying to grow it out, regularly trimming her tresses would not slow growth and will help to prevent split ends. You can ask for recommendations from your stylists to achieve your hair goals for your Natural Hair Beauties. Here are the different ways of trimming split ends without compromising the length of the hair and leaving it looking healthy.

  • Dusting. Divide the hair into four sections and then dust one part at a time. Grab each portion between your index and middle fingers, reach the very end of the hair and hold your hair up to see easily the split ends. Gently trim them down and repeat the process.

  • Hair trimming. Trimming the hair is the simplest method to get rid of her split ends. Examine the split ends. Wet the hair and comb it to make sure it's smooth. Pick a section of the hair up to an inch. Cut it in a perpendicular position and trim off one to two-inch depending on the damage.

  • Hair twisting. Twist cutting is using thinning shears to trim the hair, removing split ends, and taking a small amount of length from the hair. Dry her hair. Twist it to cut the split ends in a single stroke.


2. Hydrate the Hair. Moisturizing her hair is also a key to preventing split ends. It retains and maintains the moisture of her hair, makes her hair less dry and brittle, and will help you see the length of her hair growth.

3. Avoid over-brushing.  Brushing her hair too much can cause damage, breakage, and split ends. So brush it gently to make it look neater and avoid pulling or tugging on it. 

4. Dry It Naturally. The best way to dry the hair is to let it dry naturally. It makes her hair healthy, feel better, and last longer. However, you can use a soft towel to absorb the water and dry the hair faster. Do it gently with utmost care to avoid brittle and cause breakage and split ends.


Final thoughts split ends always happen. Whether her hair is long or short, kinky, curly or wavy, everyone suffers from split ends. She may have more or less split ends than her friends. Follow these tips on how to get rid of split ends. We all need to take the proper action to have achieved the natural hair we love.

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