Since African American hair is naturally coiled, it can be difficult to handle and manage on a regular basis. Many mothers with #naturalhairbeauties of color, spend a lot of time in the morning styling their hair in comparison to other people. Try out these easy tips to reduce your management time all day long and increase the growth of your #nhbs natural hair.

  1. You may want to use a fine-tooth comb, but due to the texture of your #nhbs hair, that can cause hair breakage which is not helpful for growth. Hairstylists suggest in order to manage your #nhbs hair use wide-toothed combs and brushes, only.
  2. If limited heat is applied to stretch your #nhbs hair, always use heat protection oils and products that prevent excessive damage to the hair. Go for heat protection products composed of olive oil or other natural extracts.
  3. Always make sure to adjust the heat level of the blow-dryer to a cool setting to avoid excessive damage caused to the hair due to heat.
  4. It is highly recommended to oil your #naturalhairbeauties hair while it is still damp, this way it is easier to spread the oil along the entire strand. When oil is used in dry hair, it fails to reach the inner portion of the curl/coil.
  5. If you are tired of waking up to the feeling of witnessing bombed hair every morning, then don’t forget to use this important style tip! WRAP UP HER HAIR at night. The key is covering her hair with a silk scarf before going to bed. She can also sleep in a bonnet or on a silk pillowcase if the scarf is creating a nuisance throughout the night.

Extra Tip for Managing Her Hair: Instead of going for extremely tight braids, you should better manage her hair with the help of loose braids. Braiding the hair is a popular technique to save the unruly strands from getting too dry and breaking off, this technique also locks a small amount of moisture in the hair.

Managing your #naturalhairbeauties natural hair can be the toughest due to poor habits of maintaining. The texture can get dry and coarse with the passing of a day. Parents, we know the frustration. But if you apply these easy tips to your #nhbs routine, you and your #nhb will be more than relieved.


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