4 Awesome Tips on Wearing Her Hair Naturally

4 Awesome Tips on Wearing Her Hair Naturally

She is a Natural Hair Beauty, and she is unique! Her hair is beautiful, no matter how she chooses to wear it! Here are our 4 best tips for wearing her curly hair naturally and taking care of her naturally beautiful hair to keep it as beautiful as can be!

1. Wash her hair no more than once a week

First, remember that washing her hair too often can dry it out. So you’ll want to wash her hair no more than once a week. Try to purchase shampoos made for her natural hair, or at least use a moisturizing shampoo (one that’s free from sulfates, parabens and alcohol). 

2. Add moisture to her hair

To add moisture to her hair, choose a moisturizing conditioner with lightweight essential oils, which can be more easily absorbed into her hair without weighing it down. You can also consider using natural oils, like coconut oil, or a moisturizing serum to add moisture to the ends of her hair, especially if she suffers from split ends.

3. Comb her hair while slightly damp

Next, you’ll want to comb out her hair, starting at the ends, using a wide-tooth comb. Brushing her hair can lead to frizz, so use your fingers if you need to detangle her beautiful locks. And detangling is best done when her hair is slightly damp, but not too wet. Allow her hair to air dry at least a little bit on its own before using a cool blow dryer. Better yet, let her hair air dry! 

4. Avoid her wearing braids/ponytails too long 

While braids and ponytails are fun to wear, try to avoid wearing them for a long time, as they can cause the hair to break or crimp. Changing up her hairstyle can help her hair naturally stretch and flow, reducing any breakage or split ends.



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