7 Ways to Get Your #NHB Ready For School 

7 Ways to Get Your #NHB Ready For School 

1. Get Them Excited You can start talking about going back to school with your #NHB; listening to what’s on her mind; and engaging her in the fun components of returning to school, such as picking out school supplies or a new T-shirt — something they can get excited about.

2. Emotional Support Being present for our children emotionally is critical at this point in their lives. Let them know that they have a safe place to express their feelings and fears with you.

3.The Importance of Masks For kids who are struggling with wearing a mask, it’s suggested that finding creative ways to help them get comfortable with the mask, works. Try letting them pick out a unique mask. Maybe a mask station near the door or a sticky note on the fridge is all the nudge that’s needed to help it to be more manageable.

4. Remember to Keep Up Good Hygiene Handwashing is still an important part of preventing infection from COVID-19. Remind your #NHB to keep their hands clean, using soap and water when possible, or hand sanitizer. And it’s always a good idea to teach kids to cover coughs and sneezes.

5. Make Time for Reflection Check in with your #NHB regularly as they settle into their new routine. Prevention is the best medicine, make it a practice early on to include some regular reflection in your family norms.

6. Stay Connected as A Family Between work and school, the family schedule is sure to be busy, but it is important to make time for family fun. Family togetherness can also help you watch for signs that your #NHB may need extra help or intervention.

7. Be Informed About the Vaccine Scientists are learning more about the COVID-19 disease and vaccine every day. The main takeaway so far is that the vaccine is effective for most people. We don’t know what changes we’re going to have to make, but we by staying informed we can keep ourselves safe.

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