6 Ways To Encourage Your #NaturalHairBeauty to Love Her Natural Hair

Ways To Encourage Your #NaturalHairBeauty to Love Her Natural Hair 
Is wash day approaching at your house, and your #nhb is just not feeling it? Try to remember the natural hair journey has many of these moments. Make sure your natural hair beauty knows their hair is one of many gifts to being a little Black girl. Make sure your little one recognizes that her crowning glory is truly all that and then some. Here are 6 easy ways to encourage your #nhb to love her natural hair: 
1. Make sure your #nhb understands the difference between healthy and unhealthy hair. 
Talk to your natural hair beauty about the difference between healthy natural hair and unhealthy hair. Tell her what it takes to get healthy hair, and show her where her hair's health is on a scale of healthy to unhealthy. 
2. Turn wash day into a fun day.  
Instead of making wash day a day to dread, turn it into a fun self-care activity for you and your daughter. “Spa Day”! While she’s getting a deep conditioner, make some tea (or cocoa!) and look at magazines together picking out styles, or give her a mini manicure. End the wash process with a facial before moisturizing her hair.  
3. Mix up your own hair products. 
A little coconut and olive oil mixer; or aloe vera and honey mixture, is easy to mix up and can-do wonders for her hair. Spend some time making simple natural hair products with your natural hair beauty. After the creation process, she’ll love and feel proud of the beautiful results. 
4. Create a list of different styles to try. 
Let your #nhb create a list of hairstyles she’d like to try. Her experimenting with different heatless or protective styles will make doing her hair an adventure. Don’t just stick with twists or braids. Try curls, updos, and maybe even afro styles every once in a while. Your daughter will love the versatility of her tresses and gain an appreciation for her hair. 
5. Accessorize her natural hair style. 
Let your little girl know that natural hair can be fun by accessorizing her hair with bows and other things. Barrettes and beads are inexpensive, and you can even make bows at home together from fabric or scarves. 
6. Be an example for her. 
Your natural hair beauty is looking at you for cues on how to think about herself. Make sure you are demonstrating love of your own hair by taking care of it, not talking about it in a bad way, and generally being proud of the hair you have. She’ll follow in your direction.