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5 Winter Hair Care Tips for Your Natural Hair Beauties

The winter air can be brutal on your natural hair beauty's curls. The cold, dry air can make retaining moisture and preventing breakage even harder. The constant change between freezing temperatures outside and hotter temperatures indoors, makes their hair even more vulnerable to damage. 
Don’t worry, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks for her winter hair protection. Here are 5 tips to protect your natural hair beauties hair this winter: 
Start a Routine - Sticking to a routine is important during the colder months. Once you get in the habit of sticking to a routine it will be easier for you and your natural hair beauty. Wash days should become much easier, once consistent. Make sure to deep condition at least every other week. Plan what her protective styles will be with her. This will help her feel empowered while learning what styles she enjoys.  
Lock in Moisture - Make sure to properly moisturize your natural hair beauty's hair. You should be using a moisturizer on her hair daily. This is beneficial because the hair needs much more moisture in the colder fall/winter months. Use the LOC Method to lock in the moisture. Use sealants that will hold the moisture in place. Try to tuck the ends of your hair to shield them from the cold air, this also prevents them from rubbing against your clothing. 
Don’t Over Wash - Washing her hair too much during the winter contributes to drying out the hair and scalp, which can lead to dandruff. It is suggested that you wash her hair once every 7-10 days, or longer, if possible. Two weeks to a month is a good target! NO GOING OUTSIDE WITH WET HAIR! Never let your child go outside during the winter months with wet hair. The freezing temperatures can quickly freeze the water in their hair, leading to breakage and damage. Also, consider limiting heat usage with hair dryers. Blasting hair with high heat can contribute to excessive dryness. Allow enough time for your child’s hair to air dry by doing it the night before. 
Protect Her Hair at Night - Satin lined winter caps and satin scarves under hats can protect her hair from friction and moisture loss, while simultaneously keeping her head warm. Wool hats can absorb moisture from your child’s hair and cause friction and breakage. Creating a protective barrier between the hair and the wool hat will not only add another layer of warmth, but will keep strands safe from damage. 
Protect Her Hair but NOT Too Long - Don’t leave a protective style in too long. While it can be tempting to put her hair in braids and forget about it, this can cause tangling, dryness, and breakage if you don’t switch up the style. We recommend leaving protective styles in for about two weeks on average- and never push more than two months. Also, don’t install the protective style too tightly. Tight styles cause breakage and hair loss. 
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