3 Tips for Protecting Her Natural Hair at Night

3 Tips for Protecting Her Natural Hair at Night


Protecting her curly hair is crucial to keep long-term volume and prevent breakage or split ends from happening. Read our tips to learn how to make the most of her nightly routine! 

Twists or Braids

Twisting or braiding her hair is an easy, low-maintenance tool to get a great second-, third-, or fourth-day hair day. This method also helps keep her curls more protected from frizz and loss of volume.

To achieve the desired effect, simply twist out or braid out her hair before she goes to sleep and unleash the curls in the morning. For even better effects, some curly-haired girls try applying a few light products and dampening their hair before they braid to help give their curls an extra shine. You may have to experiment with how much product and how damp her hair is, but after a few days, you’ll find a perfect nightly routine.

Pineapple Her Hair

Have you ever noticed that the very top-back of her head is usually the flattest and driest? This occurs during sleep because her head rests on the pillow all night long, creating friction on her natural curls. If she sleeps on her back, her hair is most likely flattening for 6 to 8 hours a night, taking away from that precious curl volume.

The Pineapple is a common method used for curly-haired girls to get back some of the volume they lose during sleep. It essentially means putting her hair up in a loose ponytail or bun on the very top of her head and securing it with a scrunchie or satin bonnet. Placing everything in the center of her head protects her newly washed curls and stretches her hair to create even more volume. You’ll notice that her hair will naturally appear bigger after “pineappling,” and her curls will stay fresh for up to four days!

If she has shorter hair, you can do multiple pineapples on the top of her head for the exact same results. 

Use a Satin Bonnet or Scarf

You can easily combine the pineapple or braid method by adding a satin bonnet to her nightly routine. Bonnets protect her hair from friction that can occur while she moves around in her sleep and is an easy way to keep her hair fresher longer. Some curly-haired girls like to combine both a bonnet and a scarf with the pineappling method by wrapping the scarf around both sides of their hair and placing a bonnet on the exposed hair at the top.

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