Indoor Activities For Your Natural Hair Beauties

Indoor Activities For Your Natural Hair Beauties

The pandemic has brought everyone closer together at home. But it does not mean that playtime is over for your NHBs. It is high time for your girls to be healthy by being physically active. While it’s not completely safe to be staying outside and playing, your girls can still have fun indoors.

Here are the indoor activities that can keep your little girls active and healthy, while having fun.

Bake Time!

Being indoors is the perfect time to be creative in the kitchen! It’s a great way to teach your NHBs to bake cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream sundaes. Teaching them to bake is also perfect bonding for your girls. 

Bring the Camp Inside!

If you and your girls can't camp outside, then bring the camp in, no worries! Make a fort of blankets and pillows or pop-up tents. Pros are that your girls are snuggled in the comfort of your home and away from the mosquitoes, bugs, or mud. 

Treasure Hunt!

Games are best for kids! It’s usually what keeps them excited and moving. You could arrange for a scavenger hunt and set it up around the house. Or put together a series of clues that lead to a grand prize. Anything that rewards your girls after a long hunt should be enough to make them complete the game. 

Makeover Time!

Get your old makeup, nail polishes, hairbrushes, and make your girls do your makeover. Whether it’s playtime or teaching her the ways of the brush and color palette, it would certainly lead to a great mother-daughter bonding that she would put into use in the future. 

Movies and TV shows

Lastly, what better way to cap a great adventure day than great movies or tv shows with hot cocoa or milk or a tasty popcorn under comfortable pillows and blankets! So keep a list of the best kids’ movies or tv shows in hand and start the movie night!

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